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Trail Riding

Grayson County is a fantastic place for Horse Lovers to come and Trail Ride! Check out the Parks and  Recreation link for more information on the public areas available for horse riding.  There are multiple opportunities for extensive multi-day rides or just short jaunts too. Forgot something?  Don’t worry, some of the local country stores in the area will carry feed and tack for your convenience – the closest to us is Osbornes (about a mile away!).
We hope that you will enjoy your Equestrian Vacation at Rugby Creek Cabins in Grayson County, Happy Trails!


The Jefferson National Forest which manages the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area includes the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail, this trail offers 68 miles of wilderness which tranverses Grayson County from Elk Garden to Ivanhoe with vast wilderness to experience, wildlife and wild pony herds as well as majestic Appalachian Vistas!

Grayson Highlands State Park. The parks rugged mountain beauty and extensive trail system make it ideal for horseback riding.  There are wild pony herds and true wilderness areas to explore!  Many stream crossing for good watering options during your ride.  Can be rocky so make sure your horse is shod or has boots!

The New River Trail State Park.  Most of the trail is flat and wide and you may share it with hikers and bicyclists.  This is a very peaceful trail with the sights and sounds of the New River to compliment your ride.

The Virginia Creeper Trail is a Rails to Trails project.  Starting near Whitetop, Virginia and meandering along the scenic trout stream it takes you through the woods and down the mountain to Damascus VA and onto Abingdon VA if you choose the longer route.  This is a fantastic easy ride but may be crowded in the summer…also very popular with bicyclists so make sure your horse is comfortable with bicylces before riding this trail.


~ Some thoughtful guidelines when trail riding in Grayson ~

Always hobble horses or tie them to a hitchline or picket line. NEVER tie them to a tree, even for a few minutes. Camp and tether horses at least 100 feet from streams or springs. Wash bodies and dishes well away from streams & springs.

Always stay on the trail. CUTTING ACROSS SWITCHBACKS IS ILLEGAL. Taking shortcuts will quickly destroy the beauty you came to enjoy.

Equestrians may use nearly every trail in the NRA (except where indicated as no horses) including those in wildernesses. The major exception is the Appalachian National Scenic Trail which is reserved for hikers only. A few other trails off limits to horses are clearly signed. Please do not trespass on these trails.

PACK IT IN — PACK IT OUT! If you packed it in full, you can surely pack it out empty. This goes for cigarette packs and butts also. Did you know that a cigarette filter takes 10 years to decompose?

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