Rugby Creek Cabins

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Pet Policy

Yes, we are Pet Friendly in all of our cabins
provided however that you have prior permission and agree to the policies below.

$15/night per pet
**you must notify us of your pet when making the reservation**

  • Pets must never be left alone in the cabin unless crated
  • Pets must not be allowed on furniture
  • Pets must be house-trained and on current flea treatments
  • Pets (males) must be neutered
  • Pets may not be allowed off-leash unless supervised closely….pets running free on the farm can scare our animals/livestock and you may be asked to contain your pet for the remainder of your stay
  • You will be held financially responsible if your pet damages property inside or on the cabin and premises

We reserve the right to ask you to leave without refund if your pet is destructive or extra loud (constant incessant barking) for extended period of time without ceasing.

Rugby Creek Cabins
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