Pricing at Rugby Creek Equine Retirement

We understand that you want the absolute best for your beloved friend and strive to provide you and your horse with the best of facilities and care for equine retirement!  Custom packages and special needs requests are always welcome.

 Private Equine Retirement

  • Starts at $600.00/month
  • Includes semi-private turn-out pasture (2 horses per pasture)
  • Includes private rubber matted Box-Stall
  • Daily Handling & Care (as needed)

Semi-Private Equine Retirement

  • Starts at $450.00/month
  • Includes turn-out pasture (2 horses per pasture)
  • Includes access to double-bay full run-in stalls
  • Daily Handling & Care (as needed)

Stallions Welcome for Private Retirement

  • Limited Availability
  • Private paddock/pasture turnout with access to private box stalled run-in
  • Allow them to still “be a horse” yet receive the care and handling they need.
  • Prices based on individual needs and start at $800+/month

Our equine retirement packages include basic vaccines, deworming and trimming.
(Emergencies, Dental Care etc will require you to carry an account with our Veterinarian)

We are glad to accommodate your horse in any in-climate weather with a fly mask and/or sheet in the summer and blanketing in winter
(mask, sheet and blankets must be provided by the horse owner)

If your horse requires any special or additional needs (supplements, custom feed, extra grooming, shoes or corrective farrier work etc), we will be glad to administer or provide these additional services for your horse…additional costs may apply.

*Always willing to provide “custom care” packages, contact us with your horses specific needs for a quote and services we can provide*  Ex: Pony needing dry lot turnout

Please Note: ALL prices are subject to change, please inquire