Facilities at Rugby Creek Equine Retirement

Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge & Appalachian Mountains you will find Tranquil Equine Retirement Perfection at Rugby Creek.  Encompassed by 67 acres of lush orchard grass pastures, shade trees with cool mountain summer breezes and very few insects, your horse will be able to live out the Golden Years in peaceful granduer.  
We believe that all aspects; physical, mental and emotional are equally valuable in providing your horse with the best equine retirement possible.  Taking into consideration what their individual needs are from nutrition, personal attention and congenial pasture mates, we strive to give your horse the absolute best in equine retirement with a personal touch.  Our Private & Semi-Private Equine Retirement options are the perfect solution for the ex-show horse that is finding it hard adjusting into group or herd life.

  • Personalized Hands-On Daily Care
  • Automatic Heated Pasture Waterers
  • 12×12 and Larger – Wood Lined Rubber Matted Stalls
  • PVC Coated Black, High-Visibility, Well Maintained Safe Fencing
  • Stalls are Generously Bedded with Top Quality Equine Shavings/Pellets
  • Private and Semi-Private Orchard Grass Pastures
    (Various sizes of pastures and paddocks to accommodate the individual needs of each horse)

Rugby Creek Equine Retirement FarmRugby Creek Equine Retirement Pastures

Each pasture has a heated, automatic waterer; PVC coated high-visibility black fencing is well-maintained and highly visible for safety.  Our stalls are a minimum of 12×12 boxes with a few being oversize for our larger residents, all stalls are wood lined, rubber matted and have heated water buckets.

Giving your horse only the best in nutrition we feed a fresh custom-milled grain that is especially developed locally with the needs of senior horses in mind.  We provide a excellent quality, soft Orchard/Timothy hay, weed free and grown nearby in the rich river bottoms of Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee.  Our automatic waterers are continuously fed by fresh cool mountain streams.

We work closely with several mobile veterinarians within the local area and for any more serious needs have a couple of wonderful equine clinics/state veterinary hospitals providing any further needs.  We work with a Certified Corrective Blacksmith and Certified PBHT Farrier: they each have a soft and gentle touch and a great wealth of knowledge when it comes to corrective shoeing/trimming and special needs of the hoof.