Rugby Creek Equine Retirement

We are here to offer a safe, secluded and peaceful setting for your best friend and trusted steed to live out their golden years.  Here at Rugby Creek Equine Retirement we specialize in offering private & semi-private equine retirement.  We feel that in order to fully meet your horse’s uniqueness….
We want to personally “know” your horse, not simply provide a place for your horse!

Rugby Creek Equine Retirement Farm

Rugby Creek Equine Retirement is privately owned and operated by Ashley & Kelly Smart.
We have a lifetime of experience in horse management, showing & breeding.  Therefore, we have a vast knowledge of the many different needs your horse might require.  

It is our belief that every horse has his/her own unique personality and needs.  We strive to accommodate, on an individual basis, not only the physical needs but also special attention is given to nurturing the emotional and mental well being of each horse.  In order to provide this level of personalized attention and care, we have chosen to limit our number of Retirees accepted to maintain our Specialties (please inquire about available spots or to be put on a waiting list).  

If you have a horse that is finding it difficult to adjust from show life to ordinary pasture life in a group and/or herd setting then our Specialized Private & Semi-Private Equine Retirement is the perfect  solution.

Your horse will have lush Virginia orchard grass pastures with shade trees to meander and day dream.  Our summers have cool mountain breezes and very few insects offering your horse an enjoyable leisure climtate.  Each pasture has an automatic heated waterer and is fenced with PVC coated black high-visibility fencing. Our stalls are wood lined and rubber matted, with several oversize stalls for the needs of larger horses.  Rugby Creek Equine Retirement feeds only the highest quality, fresh and locally milled feed developed with the needs of seniors in mind. Our hay is grown locally and is some of the most beautiful orchard grass that can be found!

We are very proud to boast that one of our residents, Shoshoni, just turned 33 years old and seems to look and feel better each birthday!

We reside in an apartment above one of the barns with views of all the pastures so that we can keep a close watch on all our trustees and ensure they are happy and healthy on a daily basis.  We also have vacation rental cabins on the farm so that you can visit your horse anytime you wish!  We provide you with updates and pictures of your special friend.

If you retire your horse with us at Rugby Creek Equine Retirement you can rest assured that your horse will be “treated as one of our very own”.  We look forward to giving you peace of mind and giving your horse peace of heart!

From Grand Prix winners to just that special foal you raised up 22 years ago…
All are equally important and deserve the finest in care, nutrition, tranquility and love.

Rugby Creek does not offer any lessons, shows or clinics on the farm premises.