Full Rehab Board: $750
This can include any or all of the following as needed or instructed for your horses prescribed healing plan…

  • Full Stall Rest
  • Hand-walking if needed
  • Daily Leg Wraps
  • Daily Icing
  • Daily Hydrotherapy

Stall Rest Board: $550

  • Full Stall Rest
  • With or without small dry turnout paddock
  • This board doesn’t include any hands-on therapy

Layup/Private Turnout Board: $450

  • Private turnout in small grass paddocks
  • Run-in Shed/Stall in each Paddock

Trailering Off-Site to Clinics: $1.50/mile
We use a Featherlite 6horse head to head, custom configured for 2-3 box stalls
Side & Rear ramp load, extra tall, extra wide

Handling Off-Site for Vet: $15/hour
When your horse needs treatments or exams off-site at other clinics we charge a handling fee for our time spent at the clinic.

Handling On-Site for Vet: $ N/C
When your horse needs treatments or exams on-site here at the farm we do not charge

Supplements: $Cost
We are glad to give your horse whatever supplements you and the vet feel are needed, you must provide the supplements or pay for their cost on a monthly basis

Farrier Care: $Cost
We have an excellent, patient, talented blacksmith who can do hot and cold shoeing and any corrective work needed. He works very closely with our veterinarians and provides all horses staying at Rugby Creek with top quality hoof care.  You as the owner are required to pay for any farrier/hoof care needed while your horse stays with us during rehab Рthese charges can be billed to you monthly with board.

Board Care Includes:

  • Top Quality Grass Hay
  • Top Quality Local Milled Grain
  • Daily stall cleaning